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Nolan Hall

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The Right Loan Program for You

Which Scenario Below Best Describes You?


I do not have a lot of money for a down payment.

Loan Features:

    • Great for First Time Homebuyers
    • Low Down Payment
    • Easy Credit Qualifying
    • Purchases can Include Rehab and Remodels
    • Easy Refinancing
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I live in a rural area and need financing for a home.

Loan Features:

    • Great for those with Low to Moderate Income
    • Up to 100% Financing
    • Flexible Underwriting Guidelines and Credit Qualifications
    • Household Income & Property Geographic Limitations Apply
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I am able to make a larger down payment.

Loan Features:

    • Great for those with Moderate to High Income
    • As Little as 5% Down Payment (only 3% for First-Time Homebuyers)
    • 20% Down Payment Removes Mortgage Insurance Premiums
    • Flexible Terms
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I am an active member of the military or a veteran.

Loan Features:

    • Designed to Provide Financing to American Veterans
    • Up to 100% Financing
    • No Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
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I am completing my residency and want to buy.

Loan Features:

    • Flexible Down Payment Options
    • Up to 100% Financing
    • No Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
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I want to purchase a home in a higher price range than a typical loan program allows.

Loan Features:

    • Higher Loan Limits
    • Variety of Loan Terms
    • Fixed and Adjustable Rates Available

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Mortgage Resources and Tools

What Resource are You Looking for?

How to Get a Loan to Purchase a Home

You Will be Amazed at How Quick and Simple the Loan Process is

Step 1

Apply now, getting started is easy.

Start by completing oursecure application. It takes minutes and provides basic information to allow us to start to analyze options for you.

    Once complete, we’ll go over your pre-approval in detail to discuss interest rates, down payment, monthly payments, etc. and we can tweak the numbers as needed until we have a perfect fit.

    We’ll request a small list of income and asset documents so we can validate everything from an underwriting standpoint – we want to make absolute certainty there will be no hiccups once you are ready to make an offer!

    Once validated, we’ll provide you with a pre-approval letter and share the highlights of your pre-approval with your Realtor (type of program, down payment, price range, amount of seller help to negotiate toward closing costs, if needed, etc.).

    Then, you’ll be 100% ready to start house hunting and be able to make a strong offer once the perfect home presents itself.

    Throughout the loan process, we provide you with regular updates, proactively, and you can also e-mail us with questions or new information.

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Step 2

You have an accepted offer.

Once you have an accepted offer, you’ll be eligible to lock into your interest rate. We’ll prepare initial loan disclosures and create a list of any last documents that need collected.

    We’ll order an appraisal to make sure the value of the home supports the purchase price, and then submit your file to our underwriting department for final approval. About 99% of everything we do is electronic, so the process is very simple, secure, and can be done on your own time/schedule – no need to meet in person.

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Step 3

Closing on your loan.

Once the underwriter has cleared your loan for closing, we’ll work with the Title Company (where your closing will take place) to finalize your numbers for closing. We pride ourselves on giving you assurance the amount you need for closing will never be more than what we’ve estimated for you…again – no negative surprises!

    At least 48 hours prior to closing we’ll send you a copy of your closing documents, so you’ll have time to ready all your documents prior to sitting at the closing table. You’ll then complete any banking needed for the funds and show up at closing with a copy of your driver’s license – everything else will be ready for you. The closing will take about an hour and at the end, you will be a proud homeowner!

    That’s it – simple, straightforward, and efficient!

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Mortgage Checklist

The Following Information is Usually Required During the Loan Process

Social Security Number and Date of Birth
Most Recent 30 Days Worth of Paystubs
Most Recently Filed Federal Tax Return (if self-employed, will need 2 consecutive years)
Most Recent 2 Years of W2’s, 1099’s and/or K-1’s
Bank Statements for the Past 2 Months
Investment Account Statements for the Past 2 Months
Retirement Account Statements for the Past 2 Months
Documentation to Support the Source of any Large Deposits into Bank Accounts
Copy of Photo ID
Divorce Decree (if applicable)
If You Currently Own Real Estate
Mortgage Statement
Home Equity Line of Credit Loan Terms (if applicable)
Home Insurance Policy Information
Most Recent Property Tax Bill
Copy of Rental Lease Agreement (if applicable)

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